Marine Growth Prevention System


Chloropac® systems produce, insitu, a dilute, safe solution of sodium hypochlorite for direct injection into the water circuit for marine growth prevention.

Our advanced electrolyzer technology, available in a choice of basic cell designs — coupled with our long standing expertise in anode and system development — has freed thousands of customers worldwide from the cost of purchasing and the danger of handling harsh chemicals associated with other technologies.

Chloropac utilises CTE technology to provide the most efficient chlorine generation.  The newest cell provides an increased capacity per cell for production, thus enabling the chloropac system to be smaller and lighter than previous models – up to 76%.  This allows systems to pass through standard hatchways, corridors and into existing footprints with ease and and save on real estate.  The patented technology is self cleaning so does not require costly acid washing – leaving you to run you platform, vessel or plant, not worry about biofouling issues. 

CHLORPAC® Systems are the Number One Choice
  • Over 40 years operational experience with over 3,000 installations world wide;
  • Configured standard systems with output capacities from 50 grams/hr up to 500 Kg/hr+;
  • Compact space and weight;
  • Strategically located service staff and spares available worldwide, 24 hours a day;
  • Electrochlorination services can maintain, retrofit, refurbish or replace.
CHLORPAC® Systems Applications
  • Offshore structures – Fixed platforms, FPSO, FLNG, Gravity bas structures, Semi-submersible, Drill ship, wind farms;
  • Landbased – Power, petrochemical, industrial;
  • Marine – ships, Vessels, tankers, naval fleets, supply boat, container and cruise ships, cargo, gas carriers.

What is Electrochlorination?

The Evoqua CTE cell is the heart of the Chloropac® unit and provides the technology behind the electrochlorination system. Invented and refined by Electrocatalytic engineers, C.T.E. technology is proven to be operationally reliable.

The C.T.E. electrolytic cell assembly consists of two concentric titanium tubes between which salt water (seawater) flows. By passing electric current through the salt water, Chloropac® converts the sodium chloride into sodium hypo-chlorite, the active ingredient required for anti-fouling.

Development of the concentric electrode design resulted in a flow cell constructed of concentric cylindrical anode and cathode assemblies, one inside the other. This C.T.E. design overcomes all of the deficiencies of the previous plate or mesh designs. Electrolyte flow is forced horizontally in the annular space between the concentric cylinders. The flow of electrolyte from the inlet to the outlet connections is uniformly distributed between the concentric anode and cathode surfaces. There are no corners. Thus, there are no low flow/velocity areas where calcareous deposits of calcium and magnesium can precipitate on the electrodes and/or accumulate flow/velocity areas where calcareous deposits of calcium and magnesium can precipitate on the electrodes and/or accumulate.

Evoqua / CHLOROPAC® - MGPS / MGPS & ICCP systems


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Evoqua / CHLOROPAC® - MGPS / MGPS & ICCP systems


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Evoqua / CHLOROPAC® - MGPS / MGPS & ICCP systems

CHLOROPAC® MKIV – Marine Growth Prevention System

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